TOUR PACKAGE : Antarctica and Polar Circle Quest


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Tonmoy Hasan

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South America

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Argentina | Argentina

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13 Days


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Day 1 - Day 1: Welcome to Ushuaia

On arrival, you’ll be escorted to the 5-star Arakur Resort & Spa.


Day 2 - Day 2: Into Tierra del Fuego and on to your ship

Explore magnificent Tierra del Fuego National Park on a guided tour before boarding the MV Ushuaia and meet your expedition and naturalist staff. Settle in to your cabin and get acquainted with this intimate Polar vessel as you set sail along the Beagle Channel. Meals B,L,D

[Note: 9 Day Cruise packages include one day less at sea]


Day 3 - Day 3: Crossing the Drake Passage

Named after the renowned explorer, Sir Francis Drake, who sailed these waters in 1578, the Drake Passage also marks the Antarctic Convergence, a biological barrier where cold polar water sinks beneath the warmer northern waters. This creates a great upwelling of nutrients, which sustains the biodiversity of this region. The Drake Passage also marks the northern limit of many Antarctic seabirds. As General Tours sail across the passage, your expedition lecturers will be out with you on deck to help with the identification of an amazing variety of seabirds, including many albatrosses, which follow in General Tours wake. The Ushuaia’s unique open bridge policy allows you to join the ship’s officers on the bridge and to learn about navigation, watch for whales, and enjoy the view. A full program of lectures will be offered as well. [Note: The daily cruise program outlined here for February 24 through March 5 is a sample itinerary only - to give you a general sense of the highlights that will unfold on this cruise. The exact course of your sea voyage will be determined by the ship’s Captain and Expedition Leader on a day-by-day basis based upon local conditions. Likewise, the waters you explore and the islands you will actually visit depend upon these same weather and sea conditions. Although General Tours can assure you of a once-in-a-lifetime voyage filled with unforgettable sightings, experiences and encounters, your safety is the paramount concern of the captain and the entire ship’s staff.] Meals B,L,D


Day 4 - Day 4: Continue through the Drake Passage

The first sightings of icebergs and snow-capped mountains indicate that General Tours have reached the South Shetland Islands, a group of twenty islands and islets first sighted in February 1819 by Capt. William Smith. With favorable conditions during General Tours crossing of the Drake Passage, General Tours lecturers and naturalists will accompany you ashore as you experience your first encounter with Antarctic penguins and seals today. Meals B,L,D


Day 5 - Day 5: Along the Antarctic Peninsula

As General Tours navigate along the Antarctic Peninsula’s western coast, you’ll likely experience the thrill and excitement that the early explorers must have felt! Exquisite beauty and pristine landscapes are waiting as you explore these remote southern waters. Myriad icebergs of different shades and shapes are floating free in the waterways around this vast continent. Over the coming days, you’ll have plenty of time to explore its amazing scenery and a wide variety of wildlife. Meals B,L,D


Day 6 - Day 6: Continuing along the Peninsula

Amazing scenery and wildlife abound and with good conditions, you’ll make at least two landings with General Tours experienced naturalist staff. Apart from Adélie, Gentoo and Chinstrap penguins and many other seabirds, you are likely to encounter Weddell, crabeater, fur and leopard seals as well as Minke whales and orcas at close range! At this time of year it is also quite likely that over the next few days you’ll encounter big cetaceans such as humpback, Finn and Sei whales. Meals B,L,D


Day 7 - Day 7: More discoveries in the Antarctic

Depending upon sea and ice conditions, General Tours navigate some of the most beautiful waterways of the Southern Hemisphere: the Gerlache Strait, the Neumayer Channel and the Lemaire Channel – a narrow passage between towering rock faces and spectacular glaciers. As conditions permit, you’ll continue to make two landings per day – always with General Tours experienced naturalist staff. Possible landing sites include Paradise Bay, on the Continent itself and one of the most aptly named places on earth, Cuverville Island (home to the biggest Gentoo penguin colony in the region) and the British Museum and Post Office at Port Lockroy. Meals B,L,D


Day 8 - Day 8: Deeper into these Southern Polar Waters

As further exploration takes far south of the Lemaire Channel in quest of the Polar Circle, General Tours might also visit the Ukrainian Station Vernadsky, the former British base Faradey, where the ozone hole was first spotted, and the rugged Yalour Islands Detaille Island which lies beyond the Polar Circle! Meals B,L,D


Day 9 - Day 9: The South Shetland Islands

As General Tours begin General Tours return voyage northward, General Tours plan to explore the South Shetland Islands. The volcanic island group is a haven for wildlife. Vast penguin rookeries and seals hauling out on the shorelines make every day spent here unforgettable. Sailing through the narrow passage into the flooded caldera of Deception Island is truly amazing, so is visiting the crescent shaped island Half Moon, home to Chinstrap Penguins in breathtaking surroundings. Meals B,L,D


Day 10 - Day 10: Another day in the South Shetlands

Enjoy another day of informative briefings from your naturalist guides, visits to the Bridge and shore landings as sea and weather conditions permit. Meals B,L,D


Day 11 - Day 11: Northward across the Drake Passage

The MV Ushuaia leaves Antarctica and heads north across the Drake Passage. Over the next two days, you can join General Tours naturalists on deck or head up to the bridge with the officers; either way, be sure to keep your senses tuned for seabirds and whales. You can also enjoy General Tours final lectures, a wonderful summary and recap of all that you’ve encountered and learned on this once-in-lifetime voyage. Meals B,L,D


Day 12 - Day 12: Cruising toward South America

Lectures, briefings and visits to the bridge continue on this second day navigating northward through the Drake Passage. Meals B,L,D


Day 13 - Day 13: Depart Ushuaia

Step off in Ushuaia for a guided tour of this bustling port, uniquely situated at the end of the Continent between the snowcapped Martial Range and the sea.  After sightseeing we’ll take you to the airport for your onward journey.  Meals B


Join Aboard MV Ushuaia
Originally built for the United States agency National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Ushuaia has been refurbished for Antarctic tourism. The ice-strengthened polar vessel is very well appointed and provides ample deck space and an open bridge policy. The full complement of inflatable landing craft ensures superb landings and wildlife viewing opportunities on the otherwise inaccessible coastline.