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The temple wells Goraksanatha,Ranishankail ,Thakurgaon.

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The temple wells Goraksanatha

Ranishankail upazilla, about eight kilometers west of Nekmarad gorakui name of a village. Nathaguru Goraksanatha memories with the name of the village. Nath temple and monastery in the village of five is an exceptionally well in very ancient. The name is associated with the name of that well Goraksanatha goraksakupa is believed to have come from the gorakui name. Goraksanatha glory due to the promotion of literature in Bengali literature Nath Goraksanatha notable name. Goraksanatha time to determine the "complete history of Bengali literature," the book said. Asitakumara Banerjee said that in the fourteenth century to century-astama martyadeha contain the current at any time, he was heard to speak of. " His appearance took place in a variety of media fiction. According to some experts Goraksanatha Peshawar appeared. According to a resident of Punjab, but after goraksapanthidera He lives in Bihar. The monks have traveled a lot of places. A common tradition is evident. It is the promotion of Islam in this region-Goraksanatha poor sweat was coming, knowing the power of illusion. So his disciples, coming from the west. Salt flashy stands in the way of the river. He could not hold back the barriers. Clogs on his feet, he began to walk on water. Before the river was kaica Nekmarad Pir Shah. He saw the miraculous power Goraksanatha skill. I smiled and looked at the sky Nekmarad Pir Shah. And so it happened upset. Goraksanatha the river began to go under. He was wearing a wet towel. He did not move the event to learn meditation Goraksanatha. He was sitting on the shelf there. Baluchar Nath Ashram was established. But it's just a story. Pir Shah is famous because Nekmarad Goraksanatha. He later Goraksanatha. However, residents of the region were not Goraksanatha, he was a monk traveling siddhapurusa story supports this idea.

Gorakui five Nath Ashram temple has been renovated several times. Perhaps the old house of the nineteenth century on the new temples were built. Ashram surrounded by a brick wall on the north entrance to the south, the east and the west entrance of the three wells adjacent to the south entrance of a temple wall. The eastern side of the temple majhakhanerati relatively greater height than the other two. According to the eastern wall of the temple is surrounded by a very small black stone naramunda kalimurti were prevented. 1213 years after the independence of Bangladesh sebayeta Who took this kalimurtiti, the search was not found. Kali temple roof, like a lot of room stall. The two sides of the temple, the temple is the Shiva temple and both have a dome. Shiv Mandir temple in the north. "Varendra the history book of the Archaeological wells adjacent to the house of Abul Kalam Mohammad Zakaria said:" mausoleum ". Professor Nath temple is the manatosa Kumar Dey. Chala prominent temple. Eleven and eleven and a half feet in length and width measurements of the feet.

Nath Temple, as well uttarapase gorakui. Sandstone are well built. Such wells can not be found anywhere else in the country built of stone. Brick wall around that well. However, there is one entrance on the east and west. About three feet from the ground floor bearing wells. Sandstone floor. The steps from the ground floor to the original sandstone climbing. Seven and a half feet in depth, and that's all that well for two and a half feet. Far away from the bottom of the well a little bamkanobhabe cut sandstone have been set very accurately. There talatukuteo spring soil. A stone with another stone glue did not use any spices. The well water was filled with stones is thought joragulo. There is also a rock in the middle of it again in the bottom of the well was two holes. The drilling of two wells in the water did not come off and opened, was full of water. The lower caste Hindus consider sacred spring water. In phalaguna fairs each year. Fair day of the waning of faith healing occurs when the well water bath.

The following spring, in response to the threshold of the door can be used as a tin-chala two sandstone engraved inscription. They found the first archaeological Abul Kalam Mohammad Zakaria. He first went to the identity of the inscription is carved inscription of 10 lines drawn a line below. There is a bottom line and a boar masatmakadesa asbamurti. The second was near the stone remains of the body of a brsamurti boar. Uneven and an inferior inscription carved in sandstone eroded and has become ambiguous. The second lines' kharagama 'ninth lines, "ramanasaka and tenth lines' 920 Date (or tarakha) 17 January the few incomprehensible words and consumed without any inscription reading has never been recovered. The inscription in question probably was not involved with the well gorakui. Mr. Zakaria said the emergence of the ninth to the twelfth century, is considered one of the Goraksanatha. However, if it is well connected to the Pala-Sena Goraksanatha the tomb was built. The presence of Arabic words and inscriptions definitely caught sight of the form, it is very likely that during the Muslim Sultanate was later script. After the destruction of the ancient temples of the new temple was built on the ruins of the Sultanate period. Featured inscription was attached during the construction of the temple.

Ranishankail upazilla, about eight kilometers west of Nekmarad located in a village called gorakui.

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And the inscription of the temple wells Goraksanatha.
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Local bangla food.
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Distance from the capital(Dhaka) 467 km . If the path to Thakurgaon from Dhaka-Tangail highway, Sirajganj, Pabna, Bogra, Gaibandha, Rangpur and Dinajpur districts are coming. 7 luxury car transportati

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Banking/ATM Booth Facility available in Thakurgaon.
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There are mainly three seasons in Bangladesh; The Monsoonal Season (wet season) from May to October. The Cool Season From October to February (the weather is drier and fresh) & the Hot season from Mar

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