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History of Tajhat palace :-

Tajhat Jamidar Bari in rangpur district on of the importent attractive Archaeological patterns of the country. The founder of Tajhat Actual estate Mannalal was professional jeweler. they came mahiganje & sate-led here. that time mahigang was a famous business city & headquarter of Rangpur. Mahilal established a bulding at tajhat for business per-pus. The long line of Mannalal Roy's relatives succession ends with a grand-grand-son, Giridharilal Roy. Since Giridhari adopted Gobindalal because they had no children who succeeded to the estate in 1879. After they came to live in Tajhat, because of his mass popularity they was Awarded the title of 'Raja' in 1885, 'Raja bahadur' in 1892 & 'Maharaja; in 1896. Raja Gobindolal met a tragic death his own house in the work of a earthquake in 1897. After his died his son gopal lal ray bahadur (1887-1955) got the actual state & start building the Tajhat jamindar bari. in 1917 construction of the palace was completed. After the finish of the British rule when banned the Actual estate practices in 1952 the building was gone under the department of agriculture, although it was used for courthouse in the work of the 1980s. In the year 1987 it was turned in to a museum with ancient inscriptions, art & coins from the area on display. 

Description of Tajhat Jamindar Bari :-

This tow Stores and east faces building 76.20 m long in the front side . A 15.24m. wide staircase in the middle Leads directly above the portico to the 1st Flor made with white marble which imported from Spain . The Tajhat Jamidar palace is crowned by a ribbed conical dome with a tall octagonal neck in the midst of the roof supported by a series of slender semi-Corinthian columns.. This palace has 28 number of rooms. In the ground Flor there has four large room and 11 pair windows. and the main Room size is (145*123). On the south and north side there's rounded pillar. In the front of the palace there is a fountain made by marble stone. from 1st Floor Going directly to the second floor has a expanded staircase. the staircase decorated with designed lamp-stand.

Location of Tajhat Palace :-

Just south of the city of Rangpur lies the Tajhat palace. The place is located only three km south-east from the Rangpur town .

Spot Famous For
Tourist & Picnic spot.
Spot Famous Food
Local special food. Restuarent Name :- 1)Mouban Resturent 2) Cicily Thai Chinese Restaurant 3) Caspia Thai-Chinese Restaurant .
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Spot Transport Facility
Train # Name  Off Day From Time To Time
751 Lalmoni express Friday Dhaka 22:10 Lalmonirhat 08:20
752 Lalmoni express Friday Lalmonirhat 10:40 Dhaka 21:05

Departure From:Dhaka Destination To: Rangpur :-

Agomony Express:- Kollanpur - 02-8021953,01712083653.Gabtoli - 02-8013149.
T.R Travels:- Kallyanpur- 01191494864, Gabtoli- 01191494865,Uttara- 01913377459, A-Pur- 01911889575.
Hanif Enterprize :- 01190188169,01190188170,01190188171, 02-8124399, 9008480.
S.R Travels :- 02-8013793, 8019312, 01711394801.
Shyamoli Paribahan :- Asad Gate Counter – (+8802) 9123471, 9124514.Kalyanpur  – (+8802) 9003331, 8034275.
Green line Volvo :- Rajarbagh - 01730060004.KALLYANPUR-1 - 02-9008694, 02-8032957.
Nabil Paribahan :- Asad Gate Bus Stand - 02-8127949. Kollyanpur - 02-8018076.

Departure From:Rangpur Destination To:Dhaka :-

Agomony Express :- 0521-63313, 65133, 01712092123, 01911416861, 06445290705
T.R Travels :- 0521-67781, 68027, 01190-855296, 01195116218
Hanif Enterprize :- 0521-62462, 01197-123606, 01712363577, 01712007268.
S.R Travels :- 0521-65311, 06445290715, 01712067901.
Shyamoli Paribahan :- 01720498202, 01718280822.
Green line Volvo :- 0521-66678, 01819815841,06445200149.
Nabil Paribahan :- 01720993510, 0521-65574.


Spot Hotel Facility
Hotel Name  Address Rent
Hotel Dina Station Road, Bahadur Bazar, Rangpur, Bangladesh. From 400.00 BDT
Hotel Ashek Shatgasa, Parjatan More, Rangpur, Bangladesh. From 313.00 BDT
Hotel M Rahman Haripotti Road, Nowabgonj Bazar, Rangpur, Bangladesh. From 625.00 BDT
Hotel Northern Star Shahmurad Complex, Rk Road, Rangpur, Bangladesh. M-01784-011702. From 540.00 BDT
Hotel Hasanain Kailash Ranjan Road, City Bazar Road, Rangpur, Bangladesh. From 560.00 BDT
Hotel Bonoful Hari Aarti Road, Nawab Ganj Bazar, Rangpur.Ph-0521-61383. From 238.00 BDT
Shapla Hotel Taltola Road, Rangpur, Bangladesh. From 210.00 BDT
Hotel New Mid Night Sun D.C More, Karani Para, Rangpur, Bangladesh. From 700.00 BDT
Hotel Ayon Asratpur, Modern More, Rangpur, Bangladesh. From 280.00 BDT
Hotel Sun Medical more, Rangpur, Bangladesh.M-01712-181863. From 315.00 BDT
Hotel Golden Tower Jahaz Company Mor, Station Road, Rangpur.Ph-0521-65920, 61169. From 438.00 BDT
Blue Inn R K Road, Dhap, Rangpur, Bangladesh. From 875.00 BDT
The Park Hotel Gl Roy Road, Rangpur, Rangpur, Bangladesh.Ph-0521-66718. From 685.00 BDT
Friends Hotel jones Company More, Station Road, Rangpur, Bangladesh. From 313.00 BDT
Hotel Diamond Cadet College, Modern more, Rangpur, Bangladesh. From 420.00 BDT
Hotel Tilottama Mulatol, Rangpur, Bangladesh.Ph-0521-63482. From 350.00 BDT
Royal Canopy International Shah Jamal Super Market 4th floor, Grand Hotel More, Rangpur. From 280.00 BDT
Gant Dhaka Hotel Jahwe Company More, Chawl Nanded Road, Rangpur, Bangladesh. From 350.00 BDT
Oboshor Abashik Nagesheri Sadar, Nageswari, Kurigram, Rangpur, Bangladesh. From 400.00 BDT
Parjatan Motel R. K. Mission Road, Rangpur.Ph-0521-63681.  
Hotel R.D.R.S Thana Road, Rangpur.Ph-0521-62598, 62863.  
Hotel Sha Amanat jahaj company Road, Rangpur.Ph-0521-65673.  
Bijoy Residensial Hotel Dap jail Road, Rangpur.0521-65871.  
Hotel Chondima Residensial Station Road  nobabgong bazar, Rangpur. Ph.-0521-62026  
Hotel Raj Residensial Batpotti, Rangpur. M- 01716-324259.  
Hotel Satmata Residensial Satmatha,  M - 01710-870431.  
Hotel Rojonigondha Residensial Station Road, Rangpur. M - 01199-381103  
Hotel Garden Residensial Sapla Cottor, Rangpur. M - 01715-112614  
Hotel Arafat Residensial Grand Hotel Road, Rangpur. Ph.- 0521-65016.  
Spot Bank/ATM Booth Facility
Bank/ATM Booth facilities available in Rangpur District.
Spot Phone Network Facility
Phone network facilities available in Rangpur District.
Spot Shopping Facility
1) Zilla Parishad Super Market. (West of Nawabgonj Bazar). 2)Jahaj company Shoping Complex Market. (East side of Jahaj company mour ). 3) Raja RamMohon Club Biponi Bitan Market. (East of Poura Bazar). 4) Raja RamMohon Club Biponi Bitan Market. (East of Poura Bazar). 5) Zilla Parishad Community Centre Market. (South side of Poura Bazar).
Spot Medical Facility


Hospital Name

Address Contact Number
Sandhani Rangpur Medical College Unit. Rangpur Tel: 0521-65180
Sadar Hospital Government Hospital Rangpur Sadar, Rangpur Tel: 0521-63043
Apollo Hospital information Center Medical More, Dhap, Jail Road, Rangpur-5400 Tel: 0644-411611, 01713-047461
Desh Clinic & Nursing Home Dhap, Rangpur Tel: 0521 63350, 0521 65555
Good Health Hospital Dhap, Jail Road, Rangpur Tel: 0521 62552, 0521 6255.
Ideal Clinic & Nursing home R.K Road, Rangpur Tel: 0521 65955
Islami Bank CommunityHospital Rangpur Tel: 0521 62731
Marie Stopes Clinic 2 No. R.K. Road , Islambag,  P.S. Kotowali, Rangpur Tel.: 0521-66693, M: 0172-946543
New Rangpur Clinic Dhap, Rangpur Tel: 0521 61550
Sadar Hospital Rangpur Sadar  
Spot Suitable Time

From October to March is the best time to visit Rangpur because of its pleasant weather.

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