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Rajbari Jagdal,Ranishankail.Thakurgaon.

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Rajbari Jagdal
Ranishankail up-zella, about eight kilometers west of Nekmarad Jagdal Nagar and tiranai at the confluence of the river there is a small house. The construction of the palace of the mid-nineteenth century. The house has been turned into debris around. About one hundred meters from the Royal Palace on the west bank of the Nagara river, the ruins of the temple, which was nothing more than there are today. Mr. Virendra Kumar was Jagdal prince. Sri Narayan Singh, the son of the landlord Roy bakipurera full moon with him the youngest daughter of Ms. Nalini Ranjan Debnath Ashalata Devi was married. Shri Virendra Kumar was educated. His passion was books. As a result, he developed a rich library. Surendra Nath College then - current Dinajpur Government College in 1948, his books were donated to the library, which is worth fifty thousand rupees.

Ranishankail Up-zella, about eight kilometers west of Nekmarad located at Jagdal

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Rajbari Jagdal.
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Local bangla food.
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Distance from the capital(Dhaka) 467 km . If the path to Thakurgaon from Dhaka-Tangail highway, Sirajganj, Pabna, Bogra, Gaibandha, Rangpur and Dinajpur districts are coming. 7 luxury car transportati
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• Hotel Salam International (North Circular Road, Thakurgaon. – Ph.- 88-0561-52246) • Hotel Prime International (North Circular Road, Thakurgaon. – Ph.- 88-0561-53505) • Hotel Shah Jalal (North Circ
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Banking/ATM Booth Facility available in Thakurgaon.
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Phone Networking Facility available.
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• IRS Tower(Bangabandu Rd, Thakurgaon) • Nurjahan Plaza(Shahid Mohammad Ali Rd, Thakurgaon) • Mouchak Super Market(N Circular Rd, Thakurgaon) • mader Bazar(Shahid Mohammad Ali Rd, Thakurgaon)
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Hospital: - 1) Thakurgaon Sadar Hospital 2) pirganj Health Complex 3) ranisankaila health complex 4) Baliadangi health complex 5) Healthcare hospital in Thakurgaon. Clinic: - 1) Thakurgaon Chest Dise
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There are mainly three seasons in Bangladesh; The Monsoonal Season (wet season) from May to October. The Cool Season From October to February (the weather is drier and fresh) & the Hot season from Mar
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