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Forest and Swamp Forest

Phanasiti entertainment and children's park,pirganj,Thakurgaon

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Phanasiti Entertainment and Children's Park

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In contrast to the municipal office in the town center district Peerganj piraganjabiraganja lives on the north side of the street (old rdrs turn) amusement park located phanasiti thakuragamo, Dinajpur Birganj heavily, ranisankaila phanasiti can go directly to the road.

Short description:-

Peerganj town and township adjacent to the junction of R & D and S is located in front of the office of the children's park and recreation center phanasiti pirganj and eyamiujamenta Park. People of all ages, including children, recreation, natural beauty and pure joy of it as the center of Thakurgaon district is considered one of the main picnic spot. Here are all the rides and attractions for children, excellent architectural style attracted a crowd gathered around a picnic season darsanarthirapiraganja upazila of the district from phanasiti contributing to the socio-economic development.
Phanasiti essentially an entertainment space. The children raidasa, Sampan boat, train, bridge, dolanasaha also contains a wide variety of entertainment content. Picnic on the east side of the mango litchi garden. There is also a large car park has its own elakapratiti the wall of poets, writers, scientists picture.

In contrast to the municipal office in the city center pirganj Peerganj life --- the north side of the road is located in Birganj.

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Phanasiti Entertainment and Children's Park.
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Local banglafood.
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Communications Distance from the capital(Dhaka) 467 km . If the path to Thakurgaon from Dhaka-Tangail highway, Sirajganj, Pabna, Bogra, Gaibandha, Rangpur and Dinajpur districts are coming. 7 luxury
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• Hotel Salam International (North Circular Road, Thakurgaon. – Ph.- 88-0561-52246) • Hotel Prime International (North Circular Road, Thakurgaon. – Ph.- 88-0561-53505) • Hotel Shah Jalal (North Circ
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Banking/ATM Booth Facility available in Thakurgaon.
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Phone Networking Facility available.
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• IRS Tower(Bangabandu Rd, Thakurgaon) • Nurjahan Plaza(Shahid Mohammad Ali Rd, Thakurgaon) • Mouchak Super Market(N Circular Rd, Thakurgaon) • mader Bazar(Shahid Mohammad Ali Rd, Thakurgaon)
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List of Thakurgaon District Hospitals and Clinics :- Hospital: - 1) Thakurgaon Sadar Hospital 2) pirganj Health Complex 3) ranisankaila health complex 4) Baliadangi health complex 5) Healthcare hospi
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Suitable time:- There are mainly three seasons in Bangladesh; The Monsoonal Season (wet season) from May to October. The Cool Season From October to February (the weather is drier and fresh) & the Ho
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