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Ornamental Kantaji Temple, Dinajpur

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Ornamental Kantaji Temple, Dinajpur

Kantoji’r Mondir (Kantaji Temple) is located at the Birganj Thana about 12 km north of Dinajpur and about a kilometer west of Dinajpur-Tetulia road across the Dhepa River. Kantaji Temple is an 18th century brick temple. It is devoted by Hindu Master Vishnu or Narayana. Display the exuberance of terra-cotta structure at its best in Bangladesh and it is a popular Hindu temple all over the sub-continent. Terra-Cotta was used to develop the external walls of the temple.

The Kantaji Temple was recognized by Maharaja Pran Nath and its development in 1722 C.E. The development of the Temple was completed in 1752 C.E. during the concept of his son Maharaja Ram Nath. Once it had nine spires (nava-ratna) before the devastation due to the earth quake of 1897.

A 16.23 Acer property was donated by King Jogodis Chandra Roy in the name of “Shri Shri KantiJew Thakur” to develop this temple. Today, it is one of the popular heritage sites in Bangladesh.

The tourist will be surprised to see the historical design of structure at the entrance of the temple. The “Navaratna” temple is a three storied building where four turrets are placed at the four sides of each ground. Every inches of its wall from the platform to the top of its three stories, both inside and out, pulsates with an amazing abundance figured and floral art in unbroken sequence. The range of topic consists of the experiences of the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, the exploits of Krisna. The whole temple is an example of the wealthy clay structural design which is a value of Bengal.

Route by Road: It takes 7-8 hours to reach Dinajpur from Dhaka and 2 hours from Rangpur.

Route by Air: One will have to first go to Syedpur by air. Then will have to rent a car or catch a bus to reach Dinajpur.

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Ornamental Kantaji Temple.
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Mughlai Paratha, Bakarkhani, Chapati Roti, Naan Roti and Puri are the usual dishes of Dinajpur natives. Also the locals of Dinajpur like non vegetarian dishes namely dopiaza, gosht bhuna, rezala and tandoori gosht. The hotels and restaurants at Dinajpur offer mouthwatering foods of local and interna
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Bus communication :- From Dinajpur To Dhaka Transport Name For booking contact From Departure time Arrival Time Rent Hanif Enterprise 0531-51668, 01713201706 Kalitala 05.00AM to 23.30PM 8 Hour
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Hotel Mrigoya Premium MRD Tower , Chalkbazar, Malda Potti, Dinajpur From 625.00 BDT Hotel Munshi and Abashik Nimtola, Dinajpur From 500.00 BDT Hotel Mrigoya MRD Tower, Chalk bazar, Dinajpur From 375
Spot Bank/ATM Booth Facility
Banking/ATM Booth Facility available in Dinajpur. BRAC Bank, Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited, City Bank, Trust Bank.
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Phone Networking Facility available.
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Pulhat, Maldapatty, Chawkbazar, Barabandar and Bahadur Bazar. Gulshan Market at Ganeshtala and Lutfunnesa Commercial Complex at Munshipara.
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Hospital Name Address Contact Number BNSB Eye Hospital, New Town, Dinajpur Tel: 0531-64033. Civil Sergeon Nursing Centre Dinajpur Sadar, Dinajpur Tel: 0531-65095 City Clinic Balubari, Dinajpur Tel:
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01-October to 31-March.
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