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Historical Places

Maharaja Lakes,Bhitaragara, Panchagarh Sadar.

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Maharaja Lakes

Maharaja Lakes :- There was a large pond near the palace, which is now 'Maharaja tanks known as. "Maharaja tanks," a monumental pond. Parasaha about the size 800X400 yards. 0 ft height bank. 400X200 waters around the yard area. Local residents believe that the water depth is about 40 feet. Water is very clear. There are a total of 10 dighite gorge. The idea is king prthu tanks dug. It is extensive, including the family and treasure 'kicaka' the attack by one of the lower classes in the religion of their exposure to the dighite suicide for fear of the storm. Bengali New Year fairs each year, the bank said Dighi. Some times of the Indian people and can be found at the fair.

Bhitaragara, Panchagarh Sadar, Panchagarh.

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Maharaja Lakes
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Local Bangali food.
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How can we go: The only communication from the capital is road . If you come from Dhaka to Dinajpur by train, then come to Dinajpur bus terminal by Rickshaw from there you can get direct gate lock b
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Hotels are available in Panchagarh Bazar area and Dhakkamara. Mouchak Residential Hotel Hilton Boarding Central Guest House – Cinema Road Islam Residential Hotel Hotel Rajnagar Residential Hotel
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Panchagarh Bazaar.
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Highest average temperature: June 30,2°c Celsius Lowest average temperature: January, 10.1°c Celsius. Average amount of rainfall is 2,931 mm.
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